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Transforming Lives through Specialized Chiropractic Care in Hopkins, Minnesota

In the heart of Hopkins, Minnesota, Dr. Justin Lee DC offers specialized chiropractic care that goes beyond traditional treatments. With expertise in spinal corrective techniques, a focus on athletes, pre and post-maternal care, and specialized pediatric services, Dr. Lee is dedicated to transforming lives one spine at a time. Serving not only Hopkins but also the surrounding areas of Hennepin County, including St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, and Plymouth, our chiropractic office is committed to providing exceptional care that you can trust.

Unveiling the Art of Spinal Corrective Techniques

At our clinic, spinal health takes center stage. We utilize advanced spinal corrective techniques to address a wide range of issues, including misalignments, subluxations, and posture-related concerns. Here's what sets our approach apart:

1. Personalized Assessments: We believe that each patient is unique. I personally meet with you for a thorough consultation as I want to understand your specific health concerns, as well as goals. Diving into your health history, current activity level, lifestyle habits, what health care interventions you’ve tried, what has worked for you, what hasn’t, and anything else relevant to get the best global picture of where you are at from all aspects of wellness.

Next, we’ll do a movement screen, posture exam, and any relevant orthopedic/physical/neurlogical assessments. If indicated, we can then take any necessary digital Xrays to gain specific insight to the alignment and condition of your spine. This will allow us to create a tailored treatment plan that will address your issues by correcting the underlying problem. This involves setting you up with the right treatment plan in the office, as well as specific home care exercises that will help your body and spine progressively improve over time, and maintain the progress you make.

2. Precise Adjustments: Dr. Justin Lee DC is experienced in precise spinal adjustments that target problem areas with accuracy and care. Our goal is to restore proper alignment, alleviate problematic issues, and improve overall spinal health. A healthy spine = healthy nervous system. When your nervous system is able to function optimally, every other system of your body can function optimally as well!

3. Evidence-Based Care: Our techniques are rooted in scientific research and evidence-based practices, ensuring that you receive the most effective and safe treatments available.

When indicated (which includes most patients), we get specific Xrays of the spine to assess the condition and alignment of the spine. This gives us the best approach going forward with correcting any issues and getting our patients to the best place possible. We also take updated Xrays to assess progress, and update recommendations.
Before (Left) & After correction (right)

Specialized Care for Athletes

Athletes demand peak performance from their bodies, and Dr. Justin Lee DC understands the unique needs of athletes in Hopkins and surrounding areas. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our chiropractic care can help you:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance: Spinal adjustments and corrective techniques can optimize your body's function, leading to improved performance on and off the field.

  • Reduce Injury Risk: Proper spinal alignment can help reduce the risk of sports-related injuries, ensuring you can stay in the game.

  • Faster Recovery: If you do experience an injury, chiropractic care can expedite your recovery and get you back to your sport sooner.

Pre and Post-Maternal Care

Pregnancy is a transformative journey for women, and chiropractic care can provide numerous benefits during this time. Dr. Justin Lee DC offers specialized pre and post-maternal care to support expectant mothers:

  • Pain Relief: Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate back pain, sciatica, and other discomforts associated with pregnancy.

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning: Proper spinal alignment can help ensure that the baby is in the optimal position during development and delivery.

  • Postpartum Recovery: Chiropractic care can aid in the recovery process after childbirth, addressing any musculoskeletal issues that may arise.

Pediatric Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic care isn't just for adults; it benefits children as well. Our specialized pediatric services cater to the unique needs of children and adolescents:

  • Birth trauma and delivery: Although the birthing process is an absolute God-given miracle... there can be physical stresses that lead to alignment/functional issues for both mom and baby. Infants have never even experienced true gravity before and have not developed a significant foundation to resist these forces. Gentle adjustments can reset the spine and nervous system, allowing mom and baby to get back to health and optimal development.

  • Developmental Milestones: Chiropractic care can support proper spinal and neurological development, particularly during the crucial growth phases of childhood.

  • Colic and Digestive Issues: Chiropractic adjustments provide relief for infants suffering from colic and digestive problems by addressing the root issue behind these disorders.

  • Improved Sleep and Behavior: Many parents report improvements in their children's sleep patterns and behavior following chiropractic care. We have countless stories of kids reducing, or completely coming off of their medications. Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, aggressiveness, "acting out", etc. When the nervous system is balanced, many areas can rebalance as well.

Serving Hennepin County Communities

While our chiropractic office is located in Hopkins, we are proud to serve a broad range of communities in Hennepin County, including St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, and Plymouth. We understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to chiropractic care.

No matter where you reside in the region, Dr. Justin Lee DC is your local destination

for exceptional spinal health.


Dr. Justin Lee DC's chiropractic office in Hopkins, Minnesota, offers specialized care that caters to the unique needs of each patient. With a focus on spinal corrective techniques, specialized services for athletes, pre and post-maternal care, and pediatric chiropractic care, our mission is to enhance your overall well-being and transform lives through chiropractic excellence.

Ready to embark on your journey to better spinal health? Contact Dr. Justin Lee DC today to schedule your consultation and experience the difference that specialized chiropractic care can make. Join our community of satisfied patients and embrace a healthier, pain-free life.

Direct: 612-716-7669

IG: Dr.JLee.DC


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