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Dr. Justin Lee, D.C
Life University, Marietta, GA
Doctor of Chiropractic, 2017

I firmly believe that everyone has the power to unleash their true healing potential; which starts with learning and implementing the right tools in order to optimize health and healing.

Your health is in your hands; and it's my mission to equip people in my Minnesota communities and beyond  with the best knowledge, tools and care to make sustainable changes. Inevitably, elevating their life experience and overall vitality through the powerful truths of health and healing.

A pursuit that began as a personal mission to optimize my own performance and athletic potential. I played college hockey, and loved experimenting with different ways to improve performance and recovery.  It evolved into a sincere passion after discovering chiropractic, as well as a natural approach to health that dramatically improved my physical health, as well as my overall perspective and approach in health and wellness.


While shadowing various chiropractors and holistic health experts in undergrad, I witnessed individuals who were fighting chronic illnesses to no avail with drugs, surgery, and other conventional approaches-- restore their health through nutrition, chiropractic, mindset, detoxification and movement. Getting off their medications, restoring hope and energy, and develop a new appreciation for their renewed life. 

I knew this is what I HAD to do, as I was called to do it.

"Health is created from within... not from a magic pill"

The principles that removed the interfering factors, and provided the right resources for these individuals to heal and stay healthy... is what I quickly adopted, and continue to live and teach by. This is the foundation of my practice by empowering others to adjust lifestyle factors to optimize health. 

"Get to the CAUSE, address the cause, and the body WILL HEAL."

And trust me…I know it’s not easy… I am a father, run a business, side businesses, and attempt to balance other life factors.  Juggling kids, family, work, sports, appointments, bills and everything else life throws at you can be troublesome, and sometimes limits our belief in our capacity to get healthy. Even though most of us value our health, it can be really tough to find the time & make it a consistent priority. 


That is why I have done the foot work to provide you the knowledge, tools and care to develop sustainable health practices for you and your family. 

The biggest thing standing between you and creating the health and life you want? 



Let us help you get started in the RIGHT direction today. I want to hear about where you are right now, what got you there and more importantly: Where do you want to get to? Who is the person you want to become? Let's figure out the best way to get you there. 

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