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Nutrition Resources

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Design your Destiny

Starting with your Fork! 

Everywhere you turn.. you're getting different advice. Your friend on social media is juicing. The other is straight carnivore. Your neighbor is doing keto. The bro at the gym is talking to you about your 'macros'. 

It's never ending. 

The TRUTH is... there are simple approaches to nutrition--that are powerfully transforming. 


The Power of True Nutrition

The list is endless: 

  • Disease Prevention

  • Disease Management

  • Disease Reversal

  • Attain & Maintain an Ideal Weight 

  • Mental and Physical Energy

  • Robust Immune System

  • Physical Performance

  • Recovery

  • Overall Health and Vitality


... yet Undernourished

Never, at any point in history, has the human race had to deal with the onslaught of highly processed foods, toxic additives and preservatives, toxicity from pesticide/herbicide residues, low bio-diversity, low-quality animal products, etc. When the average American consumes 60% of their calories from ultra-processed foods.. it creates problems. 


  • 40% Obese and 70% overweight (20 and older)

  • Over 100 million Americans are diabetic, or pre-diabetic

    • 35 million diagnosed diabetics - 210,000 are under 20. 

  • 12% Metabolically healthy

  • 9% of high school students and 12% of adults meet daily fruit intake recommendations.

  •  Only 2% of high school students and 10% of adults adhere to the suggested daily vegetable intake.

  • According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 63% of males and 59% of females consume less than one serving of fruits and vegetables a day. 

  • Since 1970, child obesity has quadrupled, and adolescent obesity — tripled.

  • Annually, 678,000 US deaths are attributed to nutrition-related diseases. (LOW end of the estimate).

  •  117 million adults suffering from one or more chronic diseases due to improper nutrition and lack of exercise.

  • Nutrition-related diseases are costing the country nearly $800 billion annually.

For many, it's not our fault. Due to resources, availability, marketing, social media, etc.. we are misinformed and misled into making poor choices.  We are bombarded by foods that are not just void of essential nutrients.. but are actually causing a vast array of health issues.  Heart disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions, gut and colon ailments, kidney/liver/gallbladder problems, and even brain & nervous system disorders.


The good news?  If these disease propagating foods perpetuate disease... then switching to REAL foods, and adopting simple principles in health and nutrition can help REVERSE these changes.  Your body was designed and created to express health.  It just needs the right resources to do so!



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