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Next Level Spine Care

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Back issues are the #1 cause of disability worldwide.

||Yet, the mainstream, conventional medical field does not have a CLUE what to do!||

Although 80+% of people will develop and experience chronic back issues at some point in their life... there is very little resolution being provided for people that suffer.

What do most people hear when they go to their conventional medical provider?

  • 'Tough it out'

  • Up your ibuprofen

  • Let's try this.. it's a bit stronger.

  • Let me refer you.

  • Try this injection

  • When it wears off... we can do another.

  • If it still gets worse, which it most likely will, we can do nerve ablation.

  • Surgery

A viscous cycle that I see all too often when people come into my office and explain their story. It's a perpetual cycle that leaves too many people, and families, hopeless, with no real direction to better themselves and get their health and life back.

The most common issues that I see and help people with in the office:

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Sinus problems and allergies

  • Sciatica

  • Chronic tension and feeling 'stiff'

  • Sleep issues

  • TMJ

  • Gut and digestive problems

All very common problems in today's world... but they're NOT NORMAL. Most symptoms and ailments are signs of dysfunction in the body. And where's there's dysfunction, there's a cause to be corrected. Most forms of 'health care' focus on symptoms, and essentially covering up those symptoms we drugs. Many people are just told they have to 'deal' with it, and maybe it'll clear up. After that, more testing, more drugs, surgery... leading to a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of.

That's not good enough in my book, and I'm sure it's not in yours either! And a conventional approach is certainly not what is going to get people healthy and leading a life they want. That's what we specialize in identifying the underlying cause of problems, and directing care based off of what is going to help correct these issues.

There's a Better Way

>You're NOT broken<

There, someone needed to say it.

Instead of seeing you just as another patient with x,y,z issues going on, sitting with you for 5 minutes, and then writing a prescription or tell you to come back when it 'gets worse'...

You'll instead enter a space of HOPE and HEALING. As any doctors office should provide. I prefer to thoroughly go through your information a detailed history and consult, perform orthopedic, range of motion, postural, movement pattern analysis, and neurological tests to unveil dysfunctional patterns in the body. Specific Xrays that we take on-site will provide detailed information about the alignment and structure of your spine. Utilizing all of this vital information will allow me to develop the best idea of what is CAUSING your issues, and the BEST approach to helping you resolve those issues.

When issues can be traced back to a cause (and typically, there are several), those issues can be addressed and corrected from a natural, holistic process to support true healing. The ONLY way to get healthy.

Addressing spinal misalignment and dysfunction will facilitate overall better health.

Taking stress off the nervous system, will allow for better coordination and functioning of the nervous system; the system that controls every process of the body. This is typically the first step in any process of healing, as no healing, or life for that matter, can take place without a nervous system! Your organ systems, immune system, hormones... everything down to every cell of your body requires proper nerve function. Which is why I place so much emphasis on this essential factor of healing.

Someone needed to say it...

Find the CAUSE of spine dysfunction:

  • Comprehensive consult

Every aspect of your life matters: Health history, past injuries, family history, currently lifestyle, short and long term goals, etc. It all matters to me, as everyone is different. This is how we begin to develop a personalized approach to your health PLAN.

  • Functional Assessment and testing

Unveiling imbalances and dysfunctional areas of the body can give important insight in terms of what can be causing problems, as well as how things can be addressed to improve these issues. I do a full functional exam complete with neurological and orthopedic testing to get to the bottom of these issues.

  • Specific digital Xrays

If your check engine light went on in your car... you would hope that the car repair shop would at least open the hood before diagnosing your car... right?

No different from your body. Specific digital Xrays will clearly show how your spine is aligned, and more importantly, will give me the information I need to develop the best approach in terms of correcting any underlying issues.


My goal is to learn as much as I can about you and what you've been dealing with, and then transitioning into what's CAUSING those issues, and the best plan to help you correct those issues. Chances are, I've helped someone, or more accurately, dozens of people just like you get well, and stay well.


In the office, I utilize very specific techniques to correct spinal misalignments or areas of dysfunction. By improving spinal alignment and restrictions throughout the spine (as well as other joints throughout the body), your body will be be able to move and function better. By addressing spine issues, tension will also be alleviated from your nervous system, allowing better balance and function of the nervous system.

Home Care

Considering that most of us have gone years (or decades) without taking care of our spine, and we live in a world that is very stressful and sedentary, continuing your spinal health regime on a daily basis is essential to make effective progress that retrains your spine and body to maintain better correction.

The Results you Deserve

Most people have never clearly understood what is going on with their own health, and what they can do to make true improvements.

At the end of the day, your health is in your hands, and we love to be on that journey with you; giving you empowering information and tools along the way to reach the healthiest state possible.

We're here to help you turn your health around, create the life you've been wanting to live.

I would love to sit down with you and discuss what you can do to get there!

Call/Text: 612-716-7669

IG: dr.jlee.dc


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