Next Level Spine Care

Updated: Apr 8

Back issues are the #1 cause of disability worldwide.

||Yet, the mainstream, conventional medical field does not have a CLUE what to do!||

Although 80+% of people will develop and experience chronic back issues at some point in their life... there is very little resolution being provided for people that suffer.

What do most people hear when they go to their conventional medical provider?

  • 'Tough it out'

  • Up your ibuprofen

  • Let's try this.. it's a bit stronger.

  • Let me refer you.

  • Try this injection

  • When it wears off... we can do another.

  • If it still gets worse, which it most likely will, we can do nerve ablation.

  • Surgery

A viscous cycle that I see all too often when people come into my office and explain their story. It's a perpetual cycle that leaves too many people, and families, hopeless, with no real direction to better themselves and get their health and life bac