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Make an INFORMED choice

After all... it is YOUR body. YOUR health.

If you want to smoke cigarets, drink soda, not exercise, and be a stressed out-negative person all day ---- that's YOUR choice to make!

NO one, in any scenario, should force or coerce you into making a choice that affects your health.

Which, we've learned from history.

--> Look up the Nuremberg Trails, and the Nuremberg Code.

(This is not a finished article... but, there are a lot of good resources to start diving into and didn't want this just sitting in the drafts)

Quick guides to understanding the different options out there:


Great interviews with PHDs,

Simple FACTS

At the end of the day; you are DESIGNED to ward off unwanted viruses, bacteria, and other potential pathogens. More specifically - these pathogens are a normal part of our existence, and in most cases, NECESSARY for our survival and expression of optimal health.

We've coexisted with viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc since the existence. of all living things. Bacteria have played an essential role in the development of 'eukaryotic' beings, and play a pivotal role in keeping us healthy. We have only begun to understand the role viruses have played, and by that, I mean a positive role in our development and interaction with our environment. Just the sheer number of bacteria that live on and in us is astounding; at least 10X that of our very own cells! (and we have 37-70 trillion cells, depending on the source) Studies have shown that 8-40% of our genome is derived from viral DNA that has been incorporated into our own at some point along the way, and viruses continue to play an important role in our interaction and adaptations with the world around us; consistently helping our body's update information about our environment.

Much more to get into, as I have other blogs written on this very subject... but needed to get that out of the way.

Oh.. and one more point..

WE WILL NEVER ESCAPE BACTERIA AND VIRUSES. (and particularly viruses ;)

It's been proven, time and time again... but the standard dogma wants to keep us chained to the "germ theory", disempowering you and the innate superpower called your immune system, and want us to remain in a perpetual state of FEAR ---Thus establishing control and leaving the general population buying into their theories and patentable/marketable solutions.

Instead of thinking you're being 'attacked' by germs... why not just accept that they're a natural part of the world (or... should be... until we tinker with them ;), and that by establishing a balanced state of health, your body will innately be resilient and adaptable with any stresses that come along. Which includes any strain of virus or bacteria.

Key Points to Consider:

Is it... really necessary?

To determine this crucial factor -- we need REAL data. Which, has been hard to come by...

Even after 2+ years, any of our governing entities have yet to do a comprehensive, unbiased look at how masks, or lockdowns, or gene therapy 'vaccines' are impacting this 'pandemic'. (Which, isn't apparently a pandemic when many countries have all but given up on every 'protective' measure and have resumed normal life... and somehow have far lower death rates than the US, Canada and other tyrannical countries...)

Actually.. the C/D/C admits to leaving out reports and data that could 'impact public perception of things like vaccines'. Yea... they said that.

Good place to start:

Who's really being affected?

Like I mentioned above... we're NEVER going to be able to escape viruses. They're a part of our environment, and do play an integral role in our overall health. That being said, everyone is 'affected' to some degree. Most will never symptomatically feel the effects, and the vast majority of those that do, experience it as... you guessed it; a cold. As with any viral infection, only a very small majority actually have severe adverse side-effects.

I state it as 'side-effects' because it's typically not the actual viral infection that causes major issues for those susceptible... it's other underlying, more chronic issues that cause havoc.