Garage Gym Warriors

Coming up with a workout can be the most daunting.. and most debilitating part of the entire process of getting some fitness in!

Make it EASY on yourself.

Going into a workout with a PLAN is the most important part of your fitness regime. There's a ton of great stuff out there.. so find something you vibe with and you know will push you to that next level.. and stick with it! Change things up as needed, have fun, work hard, and work with a purpose!

ALL of these workouts can be adjusted accordingly depending on an individual's fitness level, ability, and any physical restrictions.
These workouts are meant to be done using good form with proper technique. Once these factors are sound.. increasing the factors such as speed/weight/volume/etc will also help increase intensity. Which is where you will develop all aspects of fitness.. leading to improved health!

Glossary of Terms

CoQ WOD: "Corona-Quarantine Workout of the Day"

AMRAP: (As many Rounds/Reps as Possible)

EMOM: (Every minute on the minute)

DB: Dumbbell

KB: Kettlebell

DU: Double Under (Jump rope)

OH: Overhead

OHS:Overhead Squat

Sq: Squat

HS: Handstand

The Whiteboard

Without a barbell... orrrr most other normal gym equipment... ya gotta get crafty.

Most of these workouts are done using: Bodyweight. Kettlebells. Dumbbells. Jump Rope. Annnnd sometimes some other random stuff.

Many of these workouts were constructed based on the workouts local gyms posted (credit given where it's due!)

There are typically multiple parts within these workouts. You could do the whole thing.. or.. just pick one part!


I personally used a salt bag (40#) for the side to side jumps, and the side to side rotations. A video would help to explain that motion--just gotta figure out this blog thing..

Lots of core today!! You'll be beach-body ready in NO time. (Abs are made in the kitchen ya know...)

The 30 min EMOM gets REAL spicy towards the 20 min mark.. So hold on!! I actually did 30 split squat jumps, and 50 DUs instead of more core work.. which was a nice change. For most people, I would do 10-15 burpees.


WOW> get ready for THIS..

Completely BURIED me.

You could always sub regular DB snatches and leave out the squat-- quite a technical movement, especially with higher weight and reps. If this isn't a movement your efficient with.. it's a great one to work on before the workout!


This was a long GRIND.

But. A good one :)

No breaks. Just push on through!

To clarify ::: For ex... start with a 800m run, then 3 rounds of goblet squats and devils press'. Then 400m run.. etc.


First part was.. sneaky. Don't underestimate this one!

Last part was FUN.


I used the first part as a nice primer for the rest of the workout.

The 5 min AMRAP section was influenced by a workout.

In those 5 minutes.. werk HARD:: plenty of time to recover between rounds!

I threw in the strength piece in the middle of everything. Was fun to light up the shoulders before the Metocon.


The first piece was similar to a Crossfit Minnetonka workout-- perfect piece to get all the gears firing.

The 'macho man' piece was similar to a Comptrain workout.. but instead of a barbell.. was done with increasing DBs.

The AMRAP to finish was a nice way to make sure .. you didn't want to workout for at least.. 24 hours.


This was mayyyyybe one of the toughest things I've ever done.

Starting at 0:00--> you're doing 25 DUs every minute, on the minute. This will catch up to you QUICK.


Clean + Thruster = Cluster

Burpees over table= Burpee + jump clear over box/bench/object

Enjoy :)

DAY 10

Sometimes.. we get lazy in crossfit... WHAAAAATTT.

Well.. what I mean is.. we forget about a lot of great movements and training methods that are conducive to creating overall great function and athleticism. Your WARMUP is a great time to get some of this in!!

Be intentional about these things. You can use every minute of your training session to get the most out of it.

Treat the DB lunge--handstand walk--lunge part as a nice.. 'finisher'. Not really for time.. but for good quality movement.

DAY 11

This was more of an 'active recovery' day. Good movement. Consistent movement. Got a good sweat in.

DAY 12

Literally did the same workout as the other day... only because I did it really slow and controlled last time as a good way to finish the day.

Today-- went for time. Twas a good grind!

DAY 14

Got my hands on a BARBELL... don't ask how. where. or what I had to do for it... ;)

You can sub a dumbbell for all these!

DAY 17

DAY 18

The running sequence was inspired from Crossfit SISU.

Added some Kettlebell work.. just cuz.

DAY 19

Back to the barbell!

Can easily be done with a set of dumbbells or kettlebells.

DAY 20



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