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Cost of Poor Health

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

One of the smartest Financial decisions you can make,
is investing in your Health

-Dr. Justin Lee D.C

"Eating healthy is too expensive."

"I don't feel like paying for a gym membership."

"I just can't help myself... I NEED my Netflix (binges) at night!!

"Maybe I'll start chiropractic care in a few months"

"I'd love to get a bike, but, I need to update my spring clothes first"

Have you ever considered the cost of NOT doing these things?

Typically, most good things in life take some investing; typically with time, money, focus and energy. By neglecting our health and trying to spare a few minutes or dollars on the front end... we set ourselves up for sub-optimal health. And in this gray area... we leave ourselves vulnerable for all sorts of chronic issues that can be annoying, debilitating, and/or fatal.

There's no secret that the United States is notoriously known for having one of the sickest populations on the planet. In school, on the news, and other areas we're typically exposed to the poor, under-developed areas of the world with starving children. Which, includes nearly 2 billion people on this planet and is an utter travesty in a world where resolution is a certain possibility. But for the first time in history (which doesn't draw the attention it deserves) this number is being surpassed by overweight/obese individuals.

Simply put; not good.


Yes, cutting corners on the front-end is easy to do, and can be legitimized pretty easily. But what does that cost on the back-end?

Well, let's look at the numbers.

Economic & Business

Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, the cost of lost productivity in the workplace from chronic illness every year in the U.S. ($1T) is enough to employ every person at $50k a year who is currently unemployed.

CDC: Loss of productivity cost:: $225.8 Billion. $1,685/employee

Integrated Benefits Institute

For 147 million workers in 2019

-Total wages and benefits at $11.5 trillion

-66K employers

-Poor Health Costs US Employers $575 Billion and 1.5 Billion Work Daysof Absence and Impaired Performance

–Mostly due to sickness and ‘impaired performance’

–$3.9K per employee

Health care costs are the #1 attributor to bankruptcy in those over 60.

Out of 100 Employees

•74 overweight (58 in 1994)

•36 obese 

•12 diabetic (3 unaware– probably more) 

•Age at 1.5 years per one year... Yes, to mention the exponentially sharp decline inyou're losing an additional 1/2 year for every year of life.  Not life quality.

•33 with hypertension

•17 with high cholesterol 

•33 with high triglycerides 

•19 smoke

•80-95 fail to get enough exercise 

•62 with sleep issues 

•77 struggle with stress- 9 with depression issues

•83 will develop heart disease or cancer

Neglecting our health has costly side effects; financially, and more importantly, on our overall life.

Think about it; when do people tend to care most about their health?

When they lose it.

Which is a tough time to try and get it back.

For the most part, this isn't your fault:

The poor lifestyle choices that get us to the point of losing our health is built into the fabrics of society; poor nutrition, lack of movement, high stress, constant bombardment of toxic chemicals, etc.